The best yoga mat for sweaty hands is the one that keeps you cool, dry, and comfortable. The most important thing to consider when buying a yoga mat is what type of material it’s made from. Some are better than others at absorbing sweat or moisture. You should also think about how your feet feel on the surface of the mat: if they slip around while you’re trying to do poses, then it’s not going to be a good fit for you. We will cover all these things in this blog post so that by the time we’re finished, you’ll know which yoga mats work best for people with sweaty palms!

The best yoga mats for sweaty hands

When I began practicing yoga more seriously, for me finding the finest yoga mat for sweaty hands became a bit more important. I recall getting rid of these yoga mats once. All I’ll say is that each mat has certain characteristics that I feel are quite wonderful, which is why I propose at least one. For additional comfy yoga mats that are suited to use for people with sweaty palms, keep reading:

The best yoga mat for sweaty hands is Jade Harmony Professional. It comes in a variety of sizes and colors so you’re sure to find one that matches your style. The color choices are beautiful and vibrant. This yoga mat has been around since 2005 and it’s still going strong! In addition, it’s the most popular yoga mat on, which just goes to show you that people find this product highly effective at doing what Yoga mats are supposed to do!

Why is it important to choose a yoga mat for sweaty hands?

Sliding around in class is the last thing you want to do. Yoga becomes more difficult with a poor grasp. I’ve noticed that if I practice Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow or another physical variation, I’m likely to choose a top-of-the-line yoga mat as my investment.

My criteria for choosing the right mat for sweaty hands and intense yoga sessions

Is this mat made of latex? Is it made of hypoallergenic material? Is there a method to keep that mat wet while it gets colder outside and grip improves as the temperature rises? What modern coatings does your mat have? This will be significant for you if you’re tall, and if you spend your money on a mat, you’ll want to get the most out of it.

What to look for when buying a yoga mat for sweaty hands and feet

A decent yoga mat should be comfortable and unbreakable, unless it’s designed for something else. However distinguishing between manufacturers of the highest quality might be difficult. Here are some of the most important things to think about when purchasing a high-quality mat.

What is non-slip mat?

Using a yoga mat with a non-slip surface will help you do yoga and not fall down. They were designed to endure any sweaty situations in a setting. These provide a secure and relaxing practice that is free of distractions. Poor posture may result in pain and injuries, which is not what you want to encounter when exercising.

The benefits of non-slip yoga mats

Non-slip mats allow us to safely practice advanced postures. When the sweat from exercising is absorbed, less mat decomposition is expected. These are shorter and longer to endure wear, as opposed to others. It improves our confidence when we do it over and over again without worrying about slipping on the floor. A few are stronger than the rest, so they are not as likely to break.

Is Yoga Mat worth considering?

Finding the right mat to use when you work out might seem tough. You need a mat that is good for what you are doing. The best mat is a place you can go back to anytime. When you buy a mat, make sure it’s the right one for how you will use it.

Cushioning with Natural Rubber

There are several materials to choose from. Different types of cushioning and support can be found in these materials. Various companies, such as ajaze and juba, are releasing new thicker cushions that are designed for those who want more cushioning for their joints or sensitive tissues. Thicker mats may make balance postures more challenging and add weight to the mat while transporting it. When you are looking for a mat, an extra pad might be good. It will give you more cushioning. If you want additional cushioning, these smaller props are a good option.

Jade Harmony Matz

The Jade Harmony mat comes in two length options of 68″ or 74″. Jade yoga mats are currently available on Amazon, but if you want to see a wider selection of designs and colors, go to the Jade Yoga website. I should warn you about its durability. Because it’s constructed of open-cell rubber, the surface is somewhat sensitive and develops cracks and scratches. There’s also a somewhat textured surface that might be somewhat sticky when compared with other mats. I wouldn’t advocate using a Jade mat for regular exercise; instead, I’d recommend an athletic activity that would come into touch with shoes or hard surfaces.

Manduka Pro Mat – For Yoga Practice

The Manduka Pro is a well-known yoga mat that you can find when you search in Google. The plastic that made up these PRO’s isn’t designed to absorb perspiration the same way as other components of the mat, but the mat cracks and becomes more difficult to use over time. Manduka additionally sells a hot yoga mat in their GRP mat collection. The equa towel is sweat-activated and has a better grip when wet. For workout routines that require greater sweating, add extra yoga towels. During training sessions, the mat towel gives you a strong hold while yet providing a soft surface that adds to the ambience.

B Mat Strong – A Thick Yoga Mat

The B Mat isn’t only for hot yoga. It’s suitable for a wide range of disciplines, including ashtanga, hatha, and restorative exercises that are slower. It is composed of 100% rubber. This is very environmentally friendly, but those who are allergic to latex should avoid it. Because I wouldn’t want to stick to the mat due to friction-causing movement, I wouldn’t wear shoes on this one. With time, it loses some of its rubber smell but still has a strong odor of rubber.

Lulu MAT – An Extra Thick Yoga Mat

The reversible lululemon mat has been around for a long time and is still going strong. There are people who say the smell is too strong, but other people think it does not matter. I am dissatisfied with this yoga mat’s loud noise and sluggish motion. It shows some usage and wear, but I haven’t noticed any difference in performance because of it. It is somewhat heavier than ordinary non-slip yoga mats, however it provides excellent cushioning. The reversible yoga mat should be added to your search for the best non-slip yoga mat if you want to find out which one suits your needs best.


The cushioning, weight, texture, grip, and longevity of the rubber mats are all affected by the material. Rubber mats can support their own weight and are safe to use. People that suffer from lactic allergy or sensitivity should not utilize rubber mats. PVC carpet also known as sticky yoga mat has a slippery surface. Yoga mat materials include rubber, PVC TPE, among other things

Ease of Cleaning

When your yoga mat is old, you should get a new one. It will be easier to do yoga. Manduka is one such company that offers the Matwash option. When you step on your mat, it is easier for it to slip away. A rubber mat made of closed-cell materials can absorb germs in your body. Check to see if the instruction booklet for your yoga mat has any other ways to clean and wash it.


If you want to use a mat somewhere other than your home, the weight will be different. Travel mats weigh 3-5 pounds and are more affordable than mats for home use. The difference between 1 pound and 2 pounds is important since you might need to buy a new one if you travel often.

Grip & Texture

Mats with better grips are available. If you do hot yoga, you will want a mat that is both sticky and not in the water. It all comes down to personal preference, because there are many companies and which one is best for you depends on your preferences.


Yoga mats can be different sizes and shapes. You can pick a size that you like the best, or the one that has lines that you think are cool. The Liforme mat is becoming more popular, and so are Lines of Athletic Fitness.

Other Highly Rated Non-Slip Yoga Mats

Here are the Yoga mats that you should think about if you’re looking for a non-slip mat. I don’t know much about these, but friends have told me they are very good.


Budget mats are easy to care for. They do not need any support to help them last long. Most things are like this. But, budget mats will still be good for a while.

Yoga Mat Accessories to Improve Online Yoga Classes

The mats are for yoga. They are helpful when you do yoga. You can find these items to make your life better.

Yoga Towel – A Cheap Yoga Mat

Many yoga towels are made of microfiber, which is good for absorbing water. The Manduka Equa Towels are a favorite because they are soft. There are also other kinds of Microfibers that you can buy on Amazon. You could also use a towel to increase your grip during hot yoga classes with this type of yoga towel.

Yoga Paws

Yoga paws are gloves made of yoga mats. They can be used with or without mats and they can be worn with or without a mat. Yoga paws are an alternative to cushioned devices.

Joga Socks & Globe

Yoga socks with nubs on the bottom are good for exercising. You can use them in Pilates or barre workouts. Yoga gloves have some extra support for the wrist, but not much.

What to look for in yoga mats for sweaty hands

If you need to clean your hands or feet from sweat, there are several options. One is that you should consider factors such as what type of flooring the area where you will be cleaning is made of and if your product is safe to use on it.

Gaiam Dry Grip Yoga Mat

The Gaiam Dry Grip yoga mat has a stay-dry top coat that promises to remove all the water from the area. When the floor is wet, the product forms a sticky substance. It has a strong odor when it is first opened. When you take it away, it may have a distinctive fragrance. This is normal with yoga mats and their smell fades over time. To get rid of its stench, unroll it and let it breathe for several days before practicing.

Gaiam Grippy Towel – A Hot Yoga Towel

Instead of using a rug on the floor, you can use a towel. Towels are made out of strong fibers that are easy to walk on. Microfiber towels dry very quickly and are long lasting. When practicing Ashtanga yoga, you should choose a towel that is the right size for your feet so you do not slip. I do not have any issues with it at all, but some people may have strong beliefs or preferences about this practice.

Should I use a cotton rug or a towel on top?

If you do dynamic yoga postures, sweat is good. Yoga mats make the hands and feet sweat. If you sweat more than usual, use a cotton rug to connect your yoga mat or get an extra towel. When it’s hot outside, many people in this country sweat more when it’s hot. So whether you do any type of yoga mat, everyone has a towel or flooring that they can sit on.

Gaiam Soft Grip

The Soft Grip yoga mat from Gaiam has two textures. One is a rubber base and the other is microfiber. When training, wet hands can feel sticky on the dry surface. The mat might have a strong smell too when you workout, but it will never move around when you put it down.


Liforme yoga mats can help you get into the right pose. They are very comfortable, too. You feel better when you hold your own weight on this mat. This is a great mat to use if you want to have a high-quality one that looks great and is comfortable, too! If you sweat while practicing, consider using a towel for slipping when your hands get wet. Keep an eye on the towel if your palms start getting hot and stay on the mat until it releases.

Manduka GRP

In situations where you sweat or are wet, the Manduka GRP provides a good grip. It has a leathery top layer which helps your grip. Some colors may be limited. But don’t worry about this too much because it is worth checking out even if you can only find dark colors now.

Gaiam Jute – Machine Washable

The yoga mat is made in a way that is good for the environment. It costs less money and it’s good because it does not hurt when you lay on it. This mat might be too rough if you are an experienced person, but if not, this mat will be great.

Does the surface absorb sweat?

Yoga mats are usually open cells. But some people like to use closed cells. Open cells are good for a more dynamic practice like Ashtanga Yoga. Closed cells can be hard to clean and could become a germ pit. The Gaiam Yoga Mat, Jute is an example of an open celled mat and would be good if you’re looking for a yoga mat with sweaty hands (such as the Yogasana Yoga Mat or the Yogite). I teach Ashtanga yoga, so I must go to India every time I want to see my teacher.

Manduka Prost – A Cushioned Mat that is Eco Friendly

The Manduka Pro Yoga Mat is 6mm thick and does not absorb moisture. If you put a cotton rug or yoga towel on top, it will be good for sweaty hands only. The Manduka Pro Yoga Mat is heavy, so it is not the best choice if you have to carry it to your local yoga studio or plan to take it with you on vacation. There are only two disadvantages of this mat: It can be hard to break into and has little grip.

Can the yoga mat be cleaned easily?

When you practice at the gym, it’s important to clean your yoga mat. Cleaning your mat is important for your health and also helps prevent foul odors. It might be a simple product if you have difficulties cleaning your mat. You can look for some methods of how to clean a yoga mat if that appeals to you. The Gaiam massage spray is organic and safe to use on sweat and other stains on Yoga surfaces. Give me five of the most efficient ways to clean a yoga mat.

Yogasana Cotton Yoga Mat

If you sweat a lot while doing yoga, this is what you should use. A Manduka Pro mat will not absorb your sweat. You might have to put it on top of an exercise mat if the floor is slippery.

Manduka Eko Lite

The Manduka Eko Lite is 4cm thick and has a lot of cushioning. It takes a while to break in the device so it will grip as well as some other mats. If you sweat on your yoga mat, this one might also not grip because it is made for non-slip yoga.

Manduka eKo

The Manduka eko mat is thicker than the original Manduka mat. It gives you more flexibility in your joints. You do not need to use towels or rugs on this floor because it is made of rubber. If you are sweating, put down some cushioning or towels for comfort.

Yogitoes Towel

My Yoga Mat is a good way to use for sweaty hands. If you don’t want, bring it with you and clean the sweat. That was a good technique for me to do without my hands being sweaty.

Does the grip improve with sweat?

If you do yoga that is done on a wet or warm mat, make sure to either wipe it gently or spray water where your hand will be. When starting out with yoga, you should dampen your hands before using this mat. This mat works best when wet in reality.

Gaiam Cork Yoga Mat – The Perfect Yoga Mat

Sweating is a good exercise to practice if you are prone to sweating. Cork, which is the material of the Gaiam Cork mat, increases grip because it increases moisture. If you sweat more, your grip will get better. The most appealing aspect of this mat is that it reflects the material used on-board from cork.

Manduka eQua – Great for Hot Yoga Classes

The ManDuka eQua is for people who sweat a little. It’s not good for people who get sweaty hands while they are doing yoga. This towel does not soak up that much sweat.


You can get the most out of your yoga practice with good quality equipment. It is important to make sure you are safe when you do this. You can create a mat for your space to let people know they are welcome there. There are many high-quality products available on the internet, so search for them if you want one! If you have any photos that I might like, please send them to me!

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