The Best Sports Bra for You: A Comprehensive Guide

When it comes to finding the best sports bra for you, it can be tough to know where to start. With so many different brands and styles on the market, how can you be sure that you’re making the right choice? This detailed guide will look at some of the top sports bras today. So whether you’re looking for a supportive sports bra or want a versatile bra that is versatile enough to wear during various activities, we have got you covered!

Wacoal Underwire Sports Bra

The Wacoal Underwire Bra is a classic T-shirt-style sports bra that provides maximum support. This light and sturdy sports bra is padding-free and features double-lined cups for support with added compression to keep breasts upright and tight.

This bra is made with soft, moisture-wicking fabric and a breathable mesh back. It helps your body stay cool and dry during high-intensity workouts. The wide, close-set straps evenly distribute weight, and the slide-and-hook closure system adjusts quickly and easily. The bra is available in band sizes 32 to 42, cup sizes C to H, and various colors, including black, lilac grey, nude, and more.

SYROKAN Bounce Control Wirefree Front Adjustable High Impact Maximum Support Sports Bra

This wireless, full-coverage sports bra is designed for high-impact support and shock absorption. It is comfortable to wear with double-lined stretch cups and a cushioned band. You can tighten the fit during your workout using adjustable straps in the front. These straps will not stretch out and help reduce pressure on your shoulders.

This U-back bra is breathable because it has a front mesh panel. The material also helps to keep sweat away. It comes in many colors and sizes, including 32B to 44F.

Best Low-Impact: Nike Dri-FIT Indy Sports Bra

This V-neck racerback bra from Nike is made of soft and light material. It is a comfortable and supportive bra. The fabric wicks away moisture to help keep you dry. The sides have mesh panels to keep you cool.

Depending on your bust size, you can wear this versatile style for casual day-to-day wear and light to medium impact activities. It’s also a favorite of Ibtihaj Muhammad, a U.S. Olympic medalist in fencing who wears a hijab.

Under Armour Infinity Mid Sports Bra

This sports bra is suitable for cycling, strength training, boxing, and running. The Girlfriend Collective athletic line is well-known for its dedication to sustainability, transparency, and size inclusivity. The bar is available in sizes XXS to 6XL, and the hues span from practical earth tones to pastels.

Natasha Hastings, a two-time Olympic gold medalist, likes the cupping and cross-back straps because they are supportive and stylish. You can also wear it for workouts as well as everyday wear.

CW-X Xtra Support High Impact Sports Bra

CW-X’s Xtra Support High Impact Sports Bra is perfect for people who want a bounce-free fit. This sports bra uses SUPPORT-WEB technology to keep you stable during workouts. It also has a racerback design with a double-layer mesh crisscross back to keep you cool. The fabric is stretchy, breathable, and moisture-wicking and the elastic band keeps it snug and sturdy.

Best Style: IVL Collective Scallop Power Sports Bra

This scalloped sports bra from IVL Collective will elevate any workout. It includes a scoop neck and broad ballet-style straps in the front. With a V-neck, the back is elegant and curved. It also has a longline silhouette that hits around the ribcage for a secure, smoothing fit.

This bra is unpadded, but it has pockets to add pads if you want. The fabric is smooth, and it also helps keep your skin dry. It also has a sun protection factor of 50+. It comes in black or white and in sizes 2 to 12. The bra tends to run small, so you might want to size up if you don’t want it to be as compressive.

Girlfriend Collective Simone Bra

Girlfriend Collective’s activewear line is known for its commitment to sustainability, openness, and all sizes. The sizes range from XXS to 6XL, and there are a lot of different colors to choose from, from earth tones to pastels. This full-coverage, double-lined sports bra size fits snugly and has sewn-in cups for support and lift. It also has a touch of padding.

The Simone Bra is a sports bra made from recycled water bottles. It is soft, sturdy, and comfortable for medium-impact workouts.

Elomi Energise Full-Figure Sports Bra

If you’re looking for the right sports bra that will give you some lift and won’t let any spills happen, the Elomi Energise Underwire Sports Bra is a great option. It doesn’t have any padding, so it’s perfect for high-intensity workouts. Plus, the molded cups provide full coverage and a natural bust shape. And the microfiber support panels keep everything in place while you’re working up a sweat.

This bra is adjustable and comes in various colors, including black, navy, nude, and white. The bra has a hook-and-eye back closure and a J-hook fastener to convert it to a racerback style. It fits band sizes from 32 to 46 and cup sizes from D to O.

Panache Women’s Underwired Sports Bra

Panache’s Underwired Sports Bra is designed to feel like an everyday bra while supporting a smooth and lifted shape. The molded cups are comfortable and have a padded underwire to limit breast motion. This bra is perfect for high-impact activities.

The moisture-wicking performance fabric with mesh inserts helps the body stay dry and comfortable. The sturdy band prevents the material from slipping or rubbing. It is available in various colors and sizes, including band sizes 28 to 40 and cup sizes B to M.

Champion Women’s Show-Off Sports Bra

This sports bra is colorful and has a minimalist design. It also has Double Dry technology to keep you dry while working out. The band is soft and cushioned, so it will not chafe you, and the mesh paneling provides ventilation. This pullover-style sports bra gives high-impact support for cup sizes A to C but medium support for D and D.D. cups. It is available in many different colors and sizes, S to XL.

Best Front Closure: Under Armour High Crossback Zip Sports Bra

Under Armour’s HeatGear fabric is used to make this sports bra. It keeps your body cool and dry during hot and sweaty workouts. The sleek, smooth exterior wicks away moisture while drying almost instantly. It is thanks, in part, to the mesh lining and inserts, which add ventilation.

The bra’s four-way stretch material moves with your body, so you can drive when you work out. This bra gives you maximum support for high-impact workouts if you are a size 32 to 42 in the band and have a cup size of A to D.D. It also comes in several colors, including black and gray, white and gray, and other combinations.

Chantelle High Impact Wireless Sports Bra

This wireless sports bra from the French lingerie brand Chantelle gives you a sleek, rounded, and lifted look. It has molded cups with built-in padding, so you don’t have to worry about your bra pads coming out when you wash them. This sports bra is also versatile – it’s supportive and one of the most comfortable sports bras under casual attire. It comes in a rich matte black and sizes S to XL.

Sweaty Betty High-Intensity Running Bra

Sweaty Betty’s High-Intensity Running Bra is perfect for running, HIIT, and cross-training. It has a mid-rise scoop neckline and breathable mesh inserts, lightweight and quick-drying. The sports bra is also fully adjustable with a hook-and-eye back closure and straps that you can wear as a U-back or racerback style. It comes in black and sizes 32 to 38 and cup sizes A to DDD.

Fruit of the Loom Women’s Tank Style Sports Bra

The Fruit of the Loom Women’s Tank Style Sports Bra is a good choice if you are looking for comfort. This sports bra provides good support and coverage without being too restrictive. It is ideal for lower-impact workouts and lounging. Plus, it has a soft and stretchy construction that prevents irritation.

This sports bra is a great value! You can buy it in packs of three, and it comes in a variety of colors (both U-back and racerback styles are available). It also fits band sizes from 34 to 50.

Eleven by Venus Williams I Am Wonder Woman Corset Sports Bra

This sports bra is designed to look like a corset. It is made by Venus Williams, a famous tennis player. Using just a sports bra is suitable for medium-impact activities and comes in sizes X.S. to L. It has built-in SPF 50 sun protection.

What to Look for in a Sports Bra


Adjustable bras have straps and closures that can be customized to fit you perfectly. A bra with fixed straps or a band may fit when you first buy it, but the fabric will stretch over time, and the fit will become loose and unsupported. Choosing a fully adjustable bra means you can keep tailoring the fit and support level based on your activity level and comfort needs.

If you have a fuller cup size, finding a bra that fits well is essential. Look for adjustable and cushioned straps, so the weight of your breasts is distributed evenly. The band should also be wide and sturdy, with a hook-and-eye back closure for a perfect fit.


There are three types of sports bras: compression, encapsulation, and combination. Compression bras use compression to keep the breasts stable and from moving around. They are suitable for smaller bust sizes. Encapsulation bras have cups that support each breast separately. These bras work well for larger bust sizes. Combination bras have both compression and encapsulation features.


If you want the most support from your sports bra, an underwired model is a way to go. Encapsulation bras have a flexible wire inside them that supports each breast individually. It helps keep them in place and prevents bouncing during high-impact activities.


If you’re looking for a garment to wear while active, choosing one made from breathable, moisture, and sweat-wicking fabric is essential. If the fabric traps sweat, it can cause bacteria to build up and lead to skin irritation. Garments with breathable mesh ventilation throughout allow for airflow so that your skin can breathe; this helps to prevent bacteria build-up and skin irritation.

How to Shop for Sports Bras

The objective is to choose the optimal cut for your body type and the amount of physical activity you partake in. When searching for a sports bra, it is essential to keep the following in mind:

Sizing: Check the sizing chart for the specific brand, as they all vary slightly from one another. You shouldn’t be concerned if the size of your regular bra or your T-shirt differs from your sports bra size. A traditional bra should feel less compressive than a sports bra when holding you in, but a sports bra should feel more compressive than a regular bra. However, a sports bra should not feel tight or uncomfortable.

Compression vs. encapsulation: The following phrases may appear in the product description. Encapsulation bras divide the breasts to provide individual support. Compression bras press the breasts against the body. They are ideal for smaller cup sizes (which often look like a regular T-shirt bra beneath clothes). Compression and encapsulation are the most effective for bigger cup sizes because they prevent movement in all three planes of the chest.

Moisture management: If you know you’re going to work up a sweat, choose a bra that draws moisture away from your skin and dries out quickly so that you don’t end up drenched in your sweat. If you want to test whether or not a bra lives up to the claim that it can wick away moisture, put a drop of water on the inside of the bra, right where the fabric will meet your skin. It shouldn’t take long for it to spread out; if water beads up on it, it’s not a good wicking material.

Chafing and irritation: The combination of sweat and friction leads to most complaints regarding sports bras. In addition to wearing clothing that wicks away sweat, you should also wear a bra with a few seams and stitches to reduce the friction you experience when working out. It is essential for sports like running, where there is much motion. Also, check that your bra isn’t either too large or too small for your chest.

Style: There are few other things to consider when checking a sports bra design:

  • Chafing and friction are avoided thanks to the flat-locked seams.
  • Consider the straps as well as the available range of motion. You’ll have more mobility with a racerback or Y-shaped sports bra. Straps that cross over each other prevent slipping.
  • Pullovers are convenient in that they are simple to don and doff.
  • Sports bras with underwires offer support but can make movement difficult.
  • The bra has a hook-eye closure in the back and adjustable straps, making it flexible.
  • Shape detachable pads.
  • For larger busts, look for tops with higher necklines and thicker straps. These design elements provide more excellent coverage and support. The waistband is substantial and has an adjustment.
  • The longer lines of these patterns cover more of the body.
  • Use thick straps to stop people from digging.
  • Your breasts will be lifted and supported by wearing a push-up sports bra, which you can also wear outside the gym.

Activity level: Different workouts require different sports bras. For high-impact activities like jogging, you need a supportive, sweat-wicking bra. With a high-impact support bra, your breasts won’t shift as you jump or run.

Stretch is more vital than support for yoga or hiking. Consider compression or encapsulation. Compression bras are ideal for smaller breasts or low- to medium-impact exercises. Separate cups raise each breast in low-impact encapsulation bras.

Materials: For hard workouts where you sweat a lot, choose a bra that wicks moisture and dries rapidly. Breathable fabrics keep you cool, while spandex adds elasticity and comfort. For convenience, check if the material can be machine-washed.

What are the different types of sports bras for running?

There are two primary varieties of sports bras:

  1. Encapsulation bras have two cups, like a regular bra, but with extra support.
  2. Compression bras look more like a crop top. They work by pressing your breasts against your chest and are usually pulled over your head. They are a good option for smaller-breasted women; if you opt for a compression bra, ensure the centerpiece lies flat against the breastbone.

Sports Bra Styles

  • Compression bras: Make sure there is no movement by pressing the breasts together and keeping them close to the torso.
  • Encapsulation bras: Instead of flattening the breasts, you should separate them into cups and provide support by either seaming, molding, or using an underwire.
  • Combination bras: Use some cup definition to divide the breasts and compressive fabric to bring them tight to the body.
  • Strap designs: In most cases, the straps on a sports bra are either racerback, U-back, or convertible. Belts with a broader width disperse the force of compression over a larger region.

Compression, Encapsulation, and Combination Sports Bras

Each sports bra support level has a range of styles and design characteristics. You’ll find compression, encapsulation, and hybrid sports bras.

  • Compression sports bras

This pullover sports bra is excellent for high-impact activities. It governs mobility by squeezing breast tissue close to the body and distributing weight across the chest. Pure Barre’s director of training operations says it “squishes” or “compresses” your breasts to keep them from bouncing up and down.

  • Encapsulation sports bras

The encapsulating style lifts and separates. This bra has two independent cups that limit movement and evenly distribute weight but offer less support. “Larger-busted or heavy-breasted women enjoy this style,” Cote remarked. She also observed how much easier it is than putting on compression-style clothing when sweaty.

  • Combination sports bras

The combo bra gives maximum support and is perfect for high-impact exercises; these are beautiful sports bras for huge busts. This sports bra has compression and molded cups. Cote said these force breasts against the torso and retained them in the cups.

What to Find and What to Avoid in a Sports Bra

Here are some features to look for as you look through your options, keeping in mind the basic types of sports bras.

  • Adjustable sports bras can help with numerous exercises.
  • Adjustability isn’t stretchability. Tempesta says that the underband shouldn’t stretch more than an inch. “Don’t pull the shoulder straps up more than a half-inch.”
  • Removable cups or inserts are divisive among women. Brennecke likes their versatility, while Ottesen doesn’t.
  • Molded cups offer slight shaping and support without removable cups, reducing chafing. Instead of drying rapidly, they absorb sweat.
  • Look for moisture-wicking fabrics and make sure the labeling says so.

Sports Bras: Misconceptions and Mistakes

  • Chest size doesn’t determine support levels. Small-chested women don’t need high-impact bras, and large-breasted women shouldn’t wear low-impact ones. All bust sizes benefit from activity-fit support. Each woman’s breast tissue, shape, and muscle affect the weight and support she needs. “I’m small-chested yet do a lot of high-impact workouts,” said Ottesen.
  • You might be underestimating how much you’re moving. Most women move more than they realize in their sports bras, says Athleta’s bras and swim design director Julia Breitwieser. “A bra cup can be firm and supportive, but if you’re the wrong size, your breast may move,” explained Breitwieser. Breast tissue can stretch and cause pain, so it’s not merely an aesthetic or modesty issue.
  • Don’t overly rely on straps. Misconception: a sports bra’s straps provide most of the support. Breitwieser says that while straps are crucial, the chest band and cup constitute the bra’s foundation. Proper permission prevents shoulder pressure.
  • Sports bras don’t necessarily expire. Breitwieser: “How you care for your sports bra determines its lifespan.” Since heat deteriorates spandex, she recommended washing and drying sports bras on cool. Tempesta said dryers also wear out elastics quickly. She added, “Avoid fabric softeners.” They prohibit sweat-wicking materials.
  • Sports bras aren’t all expensive. Perfect-fitting clothes don’t always cost more. “I adore some $45 sports bras and some $9 ones,” remarked Ottesen. Once you discover the right fit and style, try several brands.
  • Jogging isn’t necessarily low impact, and running isn’t necessarily high impact. Brennecke noted that jogging influences the breast more than a sprint. The slower you jog, the more you’ll need to account for. Not every runner needs a high-support bra. A jogger’s sports bra needs extra support.
  • Everyday bras and sports bras have different sizes. Your typical bra size won’t translate to sports bras, and sizing varies even within a brand. Stretch differences in the underband textiles cause size inconsistencies. Tempesta: “There’s no industry standard regarding cup volume.” “Sports bras have compressed cups and tighter underbands, so your typical size may not fit.”

How to Select a Sports Bra for Big Busts

“A well-fitting sports bra makes exercise more pleasant and enjoyable,” says Dr. Oluwajana. She recommended considering these things while buying one.

  • Band—The torso band should be snug. Firm, level, but not too tight. Underwires should lie flat and not pinch underneath the breasts.
  • Straps—Straps should be snug but not dig or leave marks. The band and straps should accommodate one to two fingers.
  • Cups—Each cup should encompass the whole breast, with no top or side bulges.
  • Support—Exercise shouldn’t cause breast movement. You don’t have adequate support if you jump and feel shaky or uneasy. Larger breasts may move more during low-impact activities. Thus this is vital.
  • Comfort—Sports bras should be comfy. Supportive but not tight. Consider style—low, high, longline, open back. All these elements affect how you feel in your bra and workout.

Dr. Oluwajana, “Excessive movement can stretch the skin and breast ligaments, which can cause soreness and sag in the breasts.” When we move, our sports bras keep our breast tissue in place, preventing any injury. It is also possible to make working out at home or running in the park more difficult.

“Breasts are an additional weight on the front of the body, which can influence your performance if they are not supported,” she adds. “Breastfeeding can help alleviate some of these issues.” “Unsupported breasts can lead to increased strain on the upper body, impair your breathing rhythm, stride, and posture, with the impact becoming greater as the weight of the breasts increases.”

How We Tested

When making a high-quality sports bra, there are many considerations. To evaluate them and determine how well the bras worked over various sizes, we had nine Underscored teams examine each bra at least four times over many months. In addition to a comprehensive evaluation in a “lounge” setting, our testers put each bra through a series of low-, medium-, and high-intensity workouts. When doing our research on the most effective sports bras, we relied on the following categories and subcategories:


  • Support: One may argue that support is the most crucial aspect of a sports bra. The question is whether or not it adequately limits breast mobility when the wearer is exercising.
  • Versatility: Is the bra capable of supporting busts of varying sizes efficiently? Can it do so throughout the entire gamut of different levels of workouts? If not, what exercises do you recommend using it for instead?
  • Wicking: If you want a bra that keeps you cool even during the most strenuous workout, that is the bra you should get. Because of this, we paid particular attention to how well the fabric of each bra wicks away sweat from the body while ensuring that it remains dry.
  • Comfort: How long do you plan on keeping this bra on your body? Throughout the day, or is it something that you plan to take off as soon as you finish working out?
  • Material: Is the fabric capable of being stretched? Does it maintain its elasticity without becoming looser over time? How does it feel when it touches your skin?
  • Fit: To what extent does the bra accommodate your body? Is it comfortable, and does it offer support without being restrictive? Was discomfort caused by the straps or band, such as pinching or digging? Do the cups conform to the body’s shape if it’s an encapsulation method? Is there anything missing or bare here?


  • Adjustability: Adjusting a bra on the go is a significant advantage. Therefore we paid close attention to whether or not our candidates offered adjustable straps or bands, as well as the effectiveness of this function.
  • Coverage: Does the bra offer sufficient range for an optimal workout? Is cleavage visible? Where is the band situated on the torso?
  • Innovative details: We adore bras with additional features, such as a mesh backing, vented fabric, adjustable band, or J-hooks that convert U-backed bras into racerbacks.
  • Pads: Are detachable cushions included? If so, do they remain in place, or do they slide?


  • Was the size chart for the brand accurate? Was the bra size comparable to what reviewers often order? If not, was the size of the bra tiny or large?


  • Is the bra adorable enough to merit display? Or is it merely utilitarian and best concealed beneath a T-shirt? Does it come in variety of colors and patterns? Does it include coordinating leggings or cycling shorts?


  • Is the bra’s price justified? If more than $50, is the investment worthwhile?

Visit this link to learn more information on how to find a sports bra that actually fits.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Brand For Sports Bra

Should We Wear Bra at Night?

There’s no need to wear a bra while you sleep. Sleeping in a bra will not perk up your breasts or prevent them from getting saggy. It also will not stop breasts from growing or cause breast cancer.

Is Sports Bra Better?

Sports bras cover more of your body than regular bras. They have straps that go over your shoulders and back. It is more comfortable, but it also means that your skin doesn’t get to breathe as much. It can cause irritation and acne.

What Sports Bra Has the Best Support?

Sweaty Betty’s Ultra Run Bra is the sports bra that provides the most support out of all of Sweaty Betty’s options. Compression and encapsulation technologies contribute to its ability to firmly hold your breasts in place while you’re on the move.

Who Makes the Most Comfortable Sports Bra?

Alo Yoga creates some sports bras considered the most comfortable available; examples include the Real Bra Tank and the Soft Serenity. Both are comfortable to wear and have a close fit, making them ideal for low-impact activities such as yoga. Additionally, Sweaty Betty creates sports bras that are pretty comfy.

Which Sports Bra Is Best for the Gym?

The Essential Sports Bra by Adidas x Stella McCartney is the ideal sports bra for the gym. It can be worn for various workouts of varying intensities, making it the most versatile option. The Nike FE/NOM Flyknit is an excellent choice for high-impact activities. In contrast, the All Access sports bra is perfect for low-impact exercises.

Is It Acceptable to Run in Just a Sports Bra?

One must decide whether running while wearing little more than a sports bra is OK. Running with a sports bra is acceptable. Even preferred, provided the sports bra offers sufficient coverage and support to prevent the wearer from feeling exposed, mainly when the temperature is high.

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