The Best Exercise Mats For Your Home Workouts

When you’re working out at home, the last thing you want is to worry about your floor getting scratched up or stained. That’s why having the best exercise mat for your home gym is so important. Not all mats are created equal, though, so it can be tough to know which one is right for you. There are many different exercise mats on the market, and we’ll explain which one is right for you in this post.

If you’re feeling a little stir-crazy, it might be time to start working out. You can do this by working out at home. You might not get the same feeling or results as if you went to the gym, but you can have a more comfortable workout at home when you use some of the best exercise mats.

Working out at home can help you feel better, and it can also help you stay in shape. It is a good idea to work out at home because it is safe and easy to do.

If you plan on using your new mat to work out during your quarantine, you might not want to spend a lot of money on it. But if you think you might take your mat to the yoga studio once everything is over, it might be worth investing in a more portable mat. Finally, exercise tiles can let you turn an entire room into a home gym.

We have found the best exercise mats for every type of fitness enthusiast. So, during the #quarantinefifteen, take advantage of these home exercise mats to help you break a sweat without breaking a leg.

Kinds of Mat for Best Exercise

1. Balance From Extra Thick Exercise Mat

Looking for an exercise mat that you can use at home? The training mats made by BalanceFrom are among the most popular and in-demand on Amazon. Their best-selling personal mats are a good choice if you’re stuck at home. These mats are made from a thick, cushioned foam that will protect your feet, back, and elbows when exercising on hard surfaces.

This mat has an anti-slip surface on both sides to keep you safe while you work out. It’s also available in shades of colors. A free carrying handle is included, so it’s easy to put away in a closet when you’re finished exercising.

2. Tiles from IncStores – Jumbo Soft Interlocking Foam

This IncStores model is made from EVA foam, making it durable and longer-lasting. The smart interlocking design also makes it possible to create your own workout mat, wherever you are. This is a great solution if you add padding to an entire room or a specific area.

This interlocking foam exercise tile is great for protecting your floors from the wear and tear of your workouts. Whether you’re doing yoga or need to placemats under a treadmill or weight bench, this tile will do the trick.

3. ProsourceFit Tri-Fold Folding Thick Exercise Mat

This mat is easy to carry because it is tri-folded. It’s small and light enough to sling over your shoulder. It is available in five different colors. The vinyl build will help prevent tearing and make it easier to wipe up after use. The foam interior will make the exercises easier on your joints.

4. Balance From GoFit Exercise Bike Equipment Mat

Since we’ll be stuck inside for a while, getting an exercise machine like a treadmill or bike is a good idea. If you don’t have one yet, you can get one now. And make sure you put this mat under it, so your floor doesn’t get scratched up.

This ultra-high-density design helps protect your carpet or hardwood floors from scratches. This is peace of mind for you because you are busy working out and don’t want to worry about the floor. These mats also reduce the noise from your workout equipment.

5. BalanceFrom Puzzle Exercise Mat

The BalanceFrom mat has the same interlocking design as the IncStores model. This one is bigger, though. It has 24 tiles and 48 end borders to cover 96 square feet. This is enough for you and a friend (or two).

Each mat is made with a double-sided high-density EVA foam. This will help keep the mat from moving when you are using it. The purchase of the mats also comes with a two-year satisfaction guarantee.

6. BalanceFrom GoGym All-Purpose

It is a good choice for people who do many different workouts. It is about 10 feet long and 4 feet wide, so it offers plenty of space to work out without feeling cramped. These mats have Velcro sides, making attaching more than one mat together. It is available in three colors, which is why we like it so much.

7. Gxmmat Extra Large Exercise Mat

This Gxmmat mat is 8 feet wide and 6 feet long.

That means you and your partner have enough room to move around and get your workout done. 

It also has a 7mm high-density memory foam build that is comfortable for your joints.

 You can use this mat on most surfaces, which is great for all Zumba lovers and P90X followers.

8. Premium Extra Thick Large Exercise Mat

With this mat, your living room may become a gym. It is 7 by 4-feet and will protect your floor while you work out. For most workouts, you can use it, including cardio, weight lifting, and dancing.

Plus, it is large enough for you to work out with a partner (as long as you are both self-quarantining, of course). It is also great about this treadmill because it comes with a towel, carry bag, and two velcro straps to keep it from moving—perfect when working out in a room with carpet.

9. Gaiam Yoga Mat

This yoga mat is perfect for the person who loves to exercise. They can take it with them wherever they go. The yoga mat is good for when they are on the road or working out after work.

This exercise mat is foldable, compact, and lightweight. It fits in a carry-on bag or gym bag. The non-slip texture keeps you in place while you work out. This makes it a good choice for practicing their poses during the quarantine.

10. Fitness Gear 5mm Fitness Mat

This is the best exercise mat for people who want to do workouts at home. It is 5mm thick, which is enough to protect your body from hard surfaces. The mat is 71″ long and 26″ wide. It is made from durable PVC materials, and you can roll it up and put it away when you are done.

11. Manduka PRO Yoga Mat

Aside from the feeling of community you get from practicing yoga with other people, it is basically the same to do it at home. You just need a mat, so your hands and feet have something to grip. The form of yoga looks pretty much the same as it did before COVID.

This Manduka mat is one of the best for yoga because it is easy to clean and has a good grip. It is also long but not too heavy, and it rolls up into a slim, easy-to-store roll when you are finished. This mat is ideal for performing headstands while quarantined.

12. Rogue Fitness Comp Matting

This mat from Rogue is thicker and heavier than other mats on this list. But it is a good choice because it provides a stable surface for lifting weights and doing other exercises. It is 10 feet long, much longer than most other mats, and easily set up by one person.

The Flexi-Connect system makes it easy to move and store, and it is safe to use, so you know you can depend on it.

13. Premium Stylish Foam Floor Mat

We think this mat would be an excellent addition to a home gym, even though it is not advertised as one. It is easy to clean and does not have any harmful chemicals. The soft foam provides good support for your knees and hips while doing exercises on the ground. It is also durable and easy to clean with a mop, broom, or Roomba. Plus, it is reversible, so you can use it twice as long as other mats.

The Best Exercise Mats for Every Workout

You don’t need to go to the gym to have a good workout. You can do body-weight exercises at home without spending a lot of money on a gym membership. However, these exercises can be difficult if you don’t have something to back you up.

When the hard floor starts to cause discomfort during workouts, the endorphins you get from working out reduce, and you end up in pain. Getting a lovely workout mat that pushes you to exercise more is a wonderful place to start! Just for you, we’ve produced a list of the greatest comfortable exercise mats.

These exercise mats help protect your joints and back from discomfort and pain. We’ve also included a buying guide in this article to help you choose the best exercise mat for you.

HemingWeigh Extra Thick Foam Exercise Mat

The HemingWeigh extra thick foam workout mat is a terrific way to be safe while working out. It has a non-slip surface on both sides, so you won’t fall down. You can use it inside or outside, depending on the weather.

This yoga mat is a good choice for your favorite exercises. It has anti-tear foam material, which makes it durable. Some people have even used this mat for Pilates reformer workouts at home.

This exercise mat is 70 inches long and 23 inches wide. That’s plenty of room to move around. It also has one inch of cushioning to protect your joints. If you’re looking for a mat that you can quickly wipe clean, this might be the one for you.

The HemingWeigh mat is perfect for various activities, like HIIT workouts and Vinyasa yoga. It’s thick and has a non-slip surface, which keeps you safe during your workout. The mat also travels easily, thanks to its integrated strap system.


  • The surface is simple to maintain.
  • The non-slip surface
  • Straps for transporting integrated


  • It may be too pliable for exercises requiring jumping or running in place.
  • The corners may not always remain flat when a mat is folded up.
  • A little bit hefty

Gorilla Mats Premium Large Exercise Mat

The Gorilla Mats Premium Large Exercise Mat is excellent for the best home gym flooring. It is double-sided and has a non-slip surface. Additionally, it is ten feet long and one-quarter inch thick.

This Gorilla mat is a durable and sticky one. It has a ProFoam top layer that is good for people who want to exercise without shoes. The material is also strong enough to handle workouts with eco-friendly running shoes.

This mat is perfect for working out. It has plenty of cushioning and support, so you can do activities like P90x or Zumba without worrying about hurting yourself. It is also large enough to do those workouts on.

You can use this mat for jumping, spinning, dancing, and stretching. It has a non-slip surface on each side. Additionally, you can use the accompanying microfiber towel to absorb excess moisture. Additionally, the mat includes two carrying straps for convenient travel.


  • Includes a microfiber towel
  • Two carrying straps are included to boost portability.
  • Weightlifting, aerobics, and other training are all possible with this machine.


  • Some say it slides around little during workouts, such as jumping jacks.
  • The surface may become slippery as a result of sweat.
  • Not the most affordable option in its price range

AG ACTIVEGEAR Large Workout Mat

This large exercise mat is good for working out. It’s twice as big as a yoga mat. You can use it for cardio, stretching, Pilates, or other movements. The AG ACTIVEGEAR Large Workout Mat is a stable and secure surface for your workouts. It’s a good choice for your garage gym because it is stable and has ample cushioning.

This indoor workout mat can be used on various surfaces, including concrete, carpet, tile, and more. It is also secure enough to use in different parts of your home, such as the living room or garage. If you want to work outdoors, this mat can also handle that.

This mat is seven millimeters thick and provides good cushioning for your joints. The mat can be used with or without shoes. It also comes with a free jump rope and two Velcro straps. Plus, it has a storage bag.


  • It can be used with or without shoes
  • Comes with a free jump rope
  • Storage bag is included


  • Only comes in one color
  • May slide a bit on carpets
  • A bit heavy for carrying around

Sunny Health & Fitness Exercise Equipment Mat

If you have an indoor cycling bike or other home gym equipment, you can use this high-density equipment mat to protect your flooring. The mat is effective on different surfaces, like carpets. It’s also waterproof and easy to clean with a damp cloth.

This workout mat is a practical choice because it has anti-tear material. This makes it more durable and means it will last longer. The textured, non-slip surface also makes workouts safer, even when you’re wearing indoor cycling shoes with cleats.

The mat comes in three different sizes. The smallest mat is four feet by two feet and is ideal for stretching and yoga. If you need more room for your workout, upgrade to the larger mat, 7.5 feet long and 3.3 feet wide.


  • Treadmills and indoor cycles are recommended for use.
  • The waterproof surface is extremely easy to clean.
  • The surface that is textured and non-slip


  • Does not effectively attenuate noise
  • Has a faint aroma at first
  • Not the heaviest fabric

Spoga Yoga & Exercise Mat

This extra-thick 5/8-inch mat with ample cushioning is perfect for yoga, Pilates, and general fitness. The mat measures 71 inches long by 24 inches wide, giving you plenty of room to do your favorite movements and floor-based workouts.

The textured surface on this mat will keep your feet from slipping. The mat will also stay in place on the floor. It is easy to clean with just soap and water.

The carrying straps make it simple to transport the mat to and from the gym.


  • Includes carrying straps for convenient portability.
  • Yoga, Pilates, and general exercise are all possible with this mat.
  • Long and wide enough to accommodate the majority of movements


  • it has an initial odor.
  • Ends are not necessarily flat.
  • When wet, the surface can get a little slick.

SuperMats Heavy Duty Equipment Mat

The best exercise mats protect your flooring and keep your neighbors happy by dampening vibrations. SuperMats’ heavy-duty equipment mat is a sturdy and durable material ideal for use with exercise cycles, steppers, and other general-purpose equipment.

This mat protects your flooring from heavy equipment. It also keeps the equipment clean and free of dust. The mat is made in the U.S. without harmful chemicals, making it safe to use around pets and kids.


  • Made in the United States
  • It is safe for children and pets because it is free of dangerous chemicals.
  • It is particularly well-suited for stationary bikes, steppers, and general use.


  • Does not easily roll up for storing
  • When wet, the surface may become slippery.
  • Initially has a strong odor.

Amazon Basics Extra Thick Exercise Mat

This AmazonBasics mat is ideal for yoga, Pilates, and other floor-based workouts. It is 1/2 inch thick and can be folded up to fit in a bag or carried over the shoulder with the included strap.

This training mat is constructed from a durable yet lightweight foam that provides cushioning and comfort. It has a textured surface that will give you the traction you need for your favorite moves, from Downward Dog to headstands and more.


  • Constructed of durable foam
  • Increased traction with a textured surface
  • Yoga, Pilates, and other workouts are all possible with this mat.


  • The odor of the initial chemical
  • Carrying straps can be difficult to fit over the mat.
  • Scratches on the surface occur frequently.

CyclingDeal Bike Trainer Mat

If you want a good exercise mat for bike trainers, consider this thick CyclingDeal mat. It can be used for bike trainers, indoor cycling bikes, treadmills, and ellipticals.

If you need to support heavier equipment, like an indoor cycling bike or a treadmill, you’ll want to go with the high-density mat. The high-density mat is also better for carpets.

You can choose between a soft and a harder mat. Both mats have a stronger top layer, so you don’t have to worry about stepping on the mat with your indoor cycling shoes. A non-slip bottom keeps the mat in place during workouts.


  • Available in soft and high-density variations
  • Strengthened top layer withstands cycling shoes
  • The non-slip bottom holds the mat in place


  • The top surface can get slippery
  • Not the thickest mat
  • Has an initial odor

Sunny Health & Fitness Folding Gymnastics Mat

If you’re looking for an easy-to-store and carry training mat, this Sunny Health & Fitness mat is a fantastic choice. The mat folds into three halves and features a handle to make transporting and storing it easier.

This mat is 2 inches thick and provides adequate support for various floor exercises. Along with floor workouts, this mat is ideal for yoga and Pilates.


  • Folds flat for convenient storage and travel
  • Handles are sewed into the garment for transporting.
  • Two inches in thickness


  • This item is prone to slide about on hardwood surfaces.
  • The surface is a little too soft for jumping and other cardio exercises.
  • Some wish it absorbed noises more effectively.

Square36 Extra Large Exercise Mat

This large exercise mat is perfect for a variety of exercises. It is 8×6 feet or 48 square feet. That is plenty of room for cardio workouts like Zumba and jump rope. Plus, the mat is thick enough that you don’t need shoes to use it!

The mat is thick and can be used for activities such as kettlebells, jumping rope, cardio workouts, and more. You can use the mat by itself or another mat to reduce noise.

Environmentally-conscious individuals will enjoy the environmentally sustainable manufacturing procedure used to create each mat. The mats meet strict EU environmental regulations.


  • Designed to withstand impacts from cardio workouts
  • Latex-free material
  • Ideal for floor surfaces such as carpet, tile, hardwood, and concrete


  • The surface can get a little slippery when wet
  • A handful complain of an initial odor
  • Pricey

Exercise Mats Buying Guide

There are many different types of exercise mats available on the market. You should think about what exercises you will do on the mat before buying one. Also, consider what features you need in a mat. For example, some mats are thicker than others, which can be more comfortable for some exercises.

Important Features To Consider in an Exercise Mat

People can now easily stay active thanks to exercising mats. You can exercise anywhere and at any time. However, you must select the appropriate yoga mat for your needs. Before you buy one, there are a few things to think about.


The size of your exercise mat should be based on your height and the type of exercise you plan on doing. The taller you are, the bigger the mat should be. The best yoga mat is a suitable length for you and has a good width that will allow you to move around easily.


There are different types of fitness mats, and they can be either thin or thick. The right thickness for you will depend on the type of exercise. Most people find a thickness level between 3mm and 8mm comfortable.


The thickness of an exercise mat determines its weight. The heavier the mat is, the thicker it is. You need to pick a yoga mat that is the right weight for you and your lifestyle. For example, suppose you will carry it around to your yoga/exercise classes every day. In that case, you’ll need a lightweight mat that is easy to carry.


The first thing you should think about when you buy something is whether it fits your budget. That is why we have different exercise mats with different prices so that everyone can find one that works for them.

How Much Do Exercise Mats Cost?

Different yoga mats have different prices. If you buy a cheaper one, it might not last as long or be able to hold up to your workout routine. You might have to pay more if you want a good quality mat. But overall, fitness mats don’t cost very much and usually range from $20-$200.

Different Types of Exercise Mats

Exercise mats are a good way to stay safe when working out. They make it so you don’t slip, and they also make it more comfortable. There are different types of exercise mats for different kinds of workouts. Let’s look at what each one does.

Exercise Mats

Exercise mats are usually thick and large. They are about one inch thick and six feet long. People use these mats for stretching or low-impact activities, like yoga. The mats are easy to clean because they have a vinyl cover.

Gym Floor-Protection Mats

Floor-protecting mats are used to protect your gym floor. People are not supposed to work out on them, but they go under the exercise mat that you are using. This mat aims to protect the gym floor from scratching and keep people safe from hurting themselves on hard surfaces.

Pilates or Exercise Mats

Pilates is an entirely unique form of workout. It helps to build muscle strength. Pilates mats are unique in comparison to other exercise mats. They need to be thicker to support the tension in your muscles.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Exercise Mat

What Is the Best Thickness for an Exercise Mat?

An exercise mat about 0.5 inches thick will be the best for most people. If you are injury-prone or have sensitive joints, you might want to choose a thicker exercise mat up to 1 inch in height.

Is There a Difference Between a Yoga Mat and an Exercise Mat?

Yoga mats are designed for low-impact exercises. They are thinner than exercise mats and usually have a medium level of firmness. Exercise mats are thicker and meant for people who don’t want to feel close to the ground.

Can an Exercise Mat Be Too Thick?

When lifting weights, it is important to maintain a proper stance. Standing on a mat that is too thick can make it harder to lift weights properly. However, many gyms have mats three-quarter inches thick to help protect the floors beneath them.

Is a Thin or Thick Yoga Mat Better?

There are different yoga mats that you can use, depending on the poses you will be doing. If you are doing more active poses or balanced and focused poses, a thinner mat can help increase your stability. If you want more cushioning or if you will be doing more therapeutic practices, a thicker mat is better.

Can I Use a Yoga Mat for HIIT?

Yoga mats can be used for many different workouts. You just need to make sure they are the right thickness to not hurt your joints. You’ll need a thicker mat if you do a high-intensity workout, like HIIT.

Are Our Fitness Mats Worth It?

Workout mats can be a useful piece of fitness equipment for many people. They provide a comfortable surface to work out and help prevent slipping and injuries. There are many different types of workout mats that people can buy online, so they should find suitable for their needs.

Is It OK to Work Out on Carpet?

If you are doing a yoga or Pilates-based floor workout or a strength workout where you are only standing and lifting, carpet and rubber floors are fine. But if you are doing a cardio-related class, these surfaces are not ideal.

Is Lululemon Mat Good for HIIT?

This mat is good for my go-to’s like yoga and pilates and sweatier workouts like cardio sessions and HIIT. One side of the mat absorbs moisture to help you grip better during sweaty practices. In contrast, the other side offers extra cushioning and texture to keep you comfortable and secure.

Are Gorilla Mats Worth It?

This exercise mat is large, durable, and non-slip. You can use it for cardio exercises, yoga, or extra cushion when using exercise equipment. Although it’s more than some other mats, it’s worth it because of its longevity and lifetime warranty.

What Is the Best Material for an Exercise Mat?

Thermoplastic Elastomer is a strong and environmentally friendly material that can be recycled. It has elastic properties, which make it comfortable to use, and it will return to its original shape.

Are Our Fitness Mats Worth It?

If you regularly make floor-based strength training moves or take Pilates or yoga classes, an exercise mat can come in handy. However, it’s not absolutely essential if you don’t have one.

Is a Yoga Mat Good for Exercise?

There are many reasons to use a yoga mat, even if you don’t do yoga. Yoga mats can protect wooden floors from being damaged provide cushioning when stretching before and after workouts. Create a non-slip surface during aerobic exercises, and provide a soft surface for high-impact exercises.

Is It OK To Work Out on the Carpet?

Carpet and rubber floors are good for yoga and Pilates-based workouts. They are also fine for workouts where you are only standing and lifting. But they are not good for cardio-related workouts.

What Is a Fitness Mat?

Fitness mats are thick and large. They are about half an inch thick and five feet long. They are used to doing crunches, stretching exercises, or other general exercises. They are capable of absorbing some impact shock and acting as a buffer between you and the floor during regular exercise.

Are Foam Exercise Mats Good?

Foam is soft and good for workouts with your body or light weights. Foam is not as good as rubber for heavy lifting because it is not as durable. Rubber is more durable than foam, and it is also more expensive.

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