Yoga Gift’s Ideas for Holidays

The holidays are coming up, which means it’s time to start shopping for the people on your list! If you have a friend or loved one into yoga, we have the perfect gift ideas. Whether they are an amateur yogi or enrolled in a Glo yoga course, you can choose from this wide variety of gift ideas. From non-slip yoga mats to clothes to books, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading for our top picks for the best yoga gifts this holiday season!

Top Picks: Yoga Gift’s Ideas for Holidays

5. Chakra Rings

Zenned Out has a beautiful collection of stacking chakra rings that can help yogis in your life balance their chakras every day. Each ring includes a crystal and bija mantra for the corresponding chakra and costs $42.50.

The third eye rings with amethyst, solar plexus decorations with citrine, throat chakra jewelry with lapis, and more are popular choices.

6. Moon Dust Sampler

Moon Dust are custom blends of adaptogenic super-herbs and super-mushrooms that help to reduce the effects of stress on the body. They are perfect gifts for people who care about their health.

You can get a sampler box for $35. In the box, there are 6 different combinations of coffee. You can use the coffee in smoothies or just make it into a latte with some steamed plant milk!

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7. Yoga Bodies Book

It is an excellent book that tells stories about people who have changed their lives because of yoga. Many different people, with different sizes and colors, tell how yoga helped them.

8. Natal Chart Art

Looking for a unique, specialized gift? Why not get an astrology-loving yogi a custom art piece of their birth chart? This was a map of the sky when they were born, created by an astrologer and tarot reader. You can get the digital file for $60 or a physical copy printed and shipped to you for $100.

9. Tarot Cards

Tarot cards are a great way to connect with your intuition. They can be a great gift for yoga lovers. There are many different types of tarot cards, but some beautiful decks to explore include:

  • Mystic Mondays for bright, modern imagery
  • Dark Days Tarot for darker, lunar imagery
  • The Fountain Tarot for “lush, ethereal” imagery
  • The Wild Unknown for nature- and animal-based imagery

10. Plant Pots

A nice plant pot can make a home studio feel more welcoming and comfortable. You can pick up a plant from your local plant shop to put in it.

11. Crystals

Crystals can be a beautiful addition to a yoga and meditation practice, making them a great gift for yogis. Some crystals that might be helpful are rose quartz for cultivating love and heart chakra opening, selenite for cleansing, and crown chakra opening. Amethyst for third eye-opening, and carnelian to jump-start creative energy and open the sacral chakra. It is best to buy them in person from your local shop when buying crystals.

12. Incense Holder

This is a great gift for people who love yoga and want to connect to a simple, meditative tool through the power of scent. There are many different options for incense holders. This is also a great option if you want to give someone a different gift.

13. Healing Mist

These mists are a smokeless alternative to smudging. They can help you with your intuition and creativity. If you order by December 9th, it will be delivered in time for Christmas.

14. Cottagewicks Candle

Many people like to have scented candles burning during the holidays. You can burn them in your yoga space for meditation and practice or just in the common areas of your home. Cottagewicks make 100% soy wax candles in vintage mason jars and tins.

15. Essential Oils Introductory Kit

Lavender, Lemon, and Peppermint are 3 of the most popular essential oils in today’s market. Those oils are used for things like aromatherapy skincare and food additive.

16. Diffuser for your new essential oils

The essential oils kit has many different scents that you can use in a diffuser. You can use them anytime, but I like to use lavender oil before bed.

17. Palo Santo Sticks

Palo Santo is a type of wood that clarifies the air and removes negative energy. This wood comes from the Peruvian jungles and other Central and South American parts.

18. Ginger Mints by Vermints

These certified organic mints will freshen your breath before you teach. They are also great for satisfying your sweet tooth after a meal. Plus, they are perfect for on the go!

19. Travel Tea Set

Zen monks drank green tea to stay awake during long meditations. They said that just the act of making the tea was meditative. Give the gift of energy with this tea and set for the traveling yogi!

20. Sage Soy Candle

A candle that smells like sage will help you feel more creative and have better energy. This candle is made with natural ingredients, including oils. It does not use any dyes.

21. Tibetan Singing Bowl

The sound resonance coming from singing bowls is soothing and healing. These bowls can be used for meditation and online yoga classes to promote relaxation and well-being.

22. Tingsha Chimes

These chimes are great for starting or ending meditation and/or yoga classes. They are tuned to the key of “OM.”

23. Osmia Organics Black Clay Face Soap

Even though this facial cleanser is small, it is really powerful. It will clean your skin and make it feel soft and luxurious.

24. YOGO Travel Mat

This is the best mat for traveling. It can be carried around easily, and it never falls off.

25. Vimergy Chaga Extract Powder ($21)

Medicinal mushrooms are great for your health! They can help you stay healthy and have a strong immune system. You can add them to your smoothie for an extra boost of goodness.

26. Gaiam Yoga Mat Carrying Strap

You will need a yoga mat carrying strap if you are a yogi. It is important to have one to carry your yoga mat with you. Gaiam offers many different colors and patterns for their straps, so you can choose the right one for you.

27. Jade Mala Beads

Giving someone mala beads is a powerful thing. The jade stone is known for bringing prosperity, and the Kubera Yantra is an amulet that brings positive energy with it wherever you go.

28. Teeki Yoga Pants

Teeki products are made out of recycled plastic bottles. This helps our country’s economy by boosting manufacturing jobs and helping the environment by cutting down on carbon emissions.

31. Adult Coloring Book

Do you like to doodle? Color? Get creative? Adult coloring books are the next big thing. They are both fun and meditative. Ideal for people who dream, are creative and like to doodle.

32. Wisdom of Yoga – Stephan Cope

This book explains the benefits of yoga. It will be a good read for people who know about yoga and want to deepen their practice or for beginners who want to learn more.

33. Manuka Honey for Face Masks

Manuka honey is a high-quality type of honey. People use it for skincare. First, you spread the honey on your face. Let it sit for 20 minutes, and then wash off with warm water. Manuka Honey is good for people who do not want to use chemicals in their life because they prefer natural cosmetics. Instead of anyone who wants clearer skin too.

34. Osprey Farpoint 40L Carry On Backpack

This backpack is perfect for travelers and digital nomads. It is carry-on sized, so you don’t have to worry about it being too big or small. It is also well designed and ultra-durable, which means it can withstand a lot of wear and tear. And finally, it is well priced, making it a great option for those on a budget.

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Best Yoga Gifts Ideas for Yogis

Yoga is a great way to stay healthy mentally and physically. Yoga helps you find peace amid movement.

It can be tough to find the right gift for someone who loves Yoga. There are many things to consider, like what the person might like or need. It can be hard to find perfect, but it is worth the effort.

But if you look closely, it really isn’t that difficult. Here are some best Yoga Gifts Ideas to help lessen the stress of searching for that perfect gift for yogis.

1. Inhale Exhale Pet Funny Mug

If your yoga lover likes coffee or tea, this mug with a yoga pose on it will be the perfect present for her. There are four Pug, Cat, Sloth, Turtle designs, so she is sure to smile when she sees it! If you are looking for gifts for her that involve Yoga, look no further.

2. Yoga Mat Bag

The full zip feature makes it easy to put your mat in the bag and keep it clean and organized. A large and expandable front pocket is perfect for your personal belongings, such as your keys, books, yoga belt, yoga socks, cell phones, wallet, etc. A side pocket with an earphone slip is perfect for your cell phone or music player. You can choose from more than 20 different colors and prints!

3. Yoga Socks

You will feel confident, stylish, and protected with our anti-skid, non-slip ballet-inspired socks. Feel free to move and spread your toes naturally with our full-toe grippy socks. They are ideal for Yoga, pilates, barre, ballet, Bikram, gym, and dance. They are also great for Yoga on slippery surfaces like tile floors or even carpets.

4. Yoga Pose Sculptures

These sculptures will help you to be calmer. They show people doing Yoga, which is a way to be quiet. You can put them in your yard or in your house to have this effect.

5. Funny Makeup Bag

This charming, waterproof bag can hold makeup and other items. It brightens moods with a funny message to remind her to let it all go. This beige bag comes with a smooth, sturdy zipper that won’t accidentally slide open—beautifully printed with high-quality ink in vibrant colors on 100% cotton and linen.

6. Yoga Mat Cleaner

Keep your yoga mats clean and smelling like a calm, relaxing lavender before or after energizing yoga sessions. This eco-friendly, all-natural organic cleaner will not leave any slippery residue, so injuries are minimized. One of the best gifts for yoga lovers is to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy to stay relaxed while working out.

7. Meditation Cushion

The Florence meditation cushion is an excellent gift for people who love Yoga. This round cushion comes with an easy-to-clean, removable ultra-soft velvet cover. It also has a beautiful lotus flower pattern. The pillow is made with high-quality buckwheat, making it comfortable to sit on and providing long-lasting support.

8. Cotton Bralette

This Calvin Klein bralette is perfect for your next yoga class. The modern racerback straps and elastic band with the classic Calvin Klein logo will make it an excellent gift for your yogi girlfriend. With 41 colors to choose from, she can have one for every day of the week!

9. Inhale Exhale Yoga Tote Bag

This tote bag will make a great birthday present for your mom. It is made with high-quality construction and materials, ensuring cute and practical. Get one for your yoga-loving mom today!

10. Mindful Breathing Necklace

This necklace would be an excellent gift for a yoga lover. The mindful breathing necklace comes with a pendant inspired by Japanese monks to promote conscious breathing. This design is meant to help you relax as you breathe in and out by slowing your heart rate. It is made from stainless steel and plated with gold, rose gold, silver, or matte slate.

11. Chakra Gemstone Bracelet

This handmade chakra gemstone bracelet will help you balance your chakras. It has seven colorful gemstones that represent each chakra. It is also layered with Kenyan brass beads. This would be an excellent present for any yogi.

12. Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle

This is a great gift for yoga enthusiasts. It is a sleek water bottle that is made with rust-free stainless steel. It also comes in 25 different colors. The water bottle has a straw or spout lid, and it is leak-proof and worry-free. The water bottle is also made with double-wall insulation, so drinks remain hot or cold.

13. Yoga Towel

This yoga towel is designed to suit your mat. It features unique non-slip technology to keep you secure during sweaty sessions. This robust, quick-drying towel is 50% polyester and makes a perfect gift for yoga enthusiasts. It’s lightweight, so it’s easy to take with you on vacation or to the beach.

14. Funny Yoga Coasters

These yoga coasters are a fun way to remind your guests to stay calm and not mark your furniture. They’re also a great way to keep your furniture from getting wet and scratched. The coasters are made out of paulownia wood, and each set comes with four unique designs. They would make a great housewarming or birthday gift for anyone who loves Yoga.

15. Cannuka CBD Healing Skin Balm

When you do Yoga, your feet need some TLC. Use this CBD-infused balm with manuka honey to help your feet feel better. Each application feels like a foot massage. But don’t stop at your feet! Rub this citrus-scented balm all over your skin to help keep it feeling soft and smooth.

16. Yoga Jellies

If you have bad knees, these yoga jellies will be really handy. You can use them as extra padding on your yoga mat. They are flexible and provide a lot of cushioning, which gives good support to the wrists, elbows, and knees. They are also small enough to carry in a medium-sized purse. Without being bothered by the counterproductive pain from your knees or elbows, you can finally challenge your body thoroughly in your yoga practice!

17. Yoga Direct Deluxe Mexican Yoga Blanket

A yoga blanket would be a good gift for someone who loves Yoga. People use yoga blankets to relax and to support themselves when practicing poses. The Yoga Direct Deluxe Mexican Yoga Blanket is a good choice because it comes in different colors and is handmade.

18. Yoga Headbands

If you’re constantly fighting with your hair to avoid it getting in your face, a yoga headband can help. There are different kinds of headbands that are perfect for Yoga. They will help you stay focused on breathing, balance, and mindfulness.

19. Dog Yoga Cookie Cutters

These dog cookie cutters are a fun addition to your kitchen. They come in four different shapes: Warrior One, Warrior Two, Upward Facing, and Downward Facing. You can use them to make cookies or cut other food items like fondant, sandwiches, cheeses, fruits, and more.

20. Yoga Wine Glass

Your yoga-loving pals will appreciate this wine glass. It’s got a quirky but amusing slogan on it. But this isn’t simply a novelty glass; it’s also quite functional. It holds a generous 6-8 ounce pour so your friends can enjoy the wine’s aroma and flavor.

21. Buddha Hand Jewelry Holder

This resin ring and jewelry hand plate is a great way to protect your belongings and bring you luck, happiness, and health. You can use it to hold rings, necklaces, earrings, and other trinkets.

22. The Calm Box

Every calm box is filled with items to help you relax. They have a different theme each month, like meditation or stress relief. You can get a package delivered to your door, and it will help you live a calmer life. A portion of the proceeds from every box is donated to charity.

23. Yoga Pose Fridge Magnets

If you want to give a yoga lover a fun gift, you should buy Yoga Glass Cabochon Fridge Magnets. This set comes with four magnets that have different yoga-themed designs. You can choose to get them in one color or mix and match the colors.

24. Namaste Wall Art

This print is designed to create a tranquil ambiance and promote inner calm. It is an original watercolor by Lindsay Satchell. It features a serene blue yogi in Sukhasana – or “easy pose” – with hands clasped over the heart in a Namaste gesture. The prints represent offerings of gratitude inspired by Lindsay’s yoga practice.

25. Yoga Kitchen Recipe Book

Many yoga practitioners believe in a holistic approach, including strengthening the body and nourishing it. This recipe book will help you do that. The Yoga Kitchen is divided into chapters based on chakras: Ground, Flow, Vitalize, Nurture, Strengthen, Calm and Pure. The recipes are all vegetarian.

26. Funky Statement Yoga Shirt

Girls who do Yoga will enjoy a shirt that says, “I just want to drink coffee, save animals, and do yoga.” This shirt sends out a positive message and is perfect for yogis.

27. Yoga Knee Pads

Sometimes, your mat is not thick enough, and your knees can get injured. You need to protect your knees from getting hurt during any physical activity. It also helps prevent the elbows and wrists when you do poses involving these joints. You can use a meat extender made of lightweight, eco-friendly foam and can be rolled together with your mat for easy storage.

28. Dharma Yoga Wheel

The wheel is a popular yoga tool that can be used by beginners and advanced yoga practitioners alike. It helps deepen backbends and open the chest and shoulders for some poses.

29. Asana Yoga Doll

The Asana Yoga Doll is perfect for young children interested in Yoga. This doll comes dressed in yoga clothes and has a yoga ball and ball. It also includes hand weights and a hairbrush. The articulated joints on the beauty allow it to do a variety of poses, like lotus, pigeon, and backbends.

30. Indian Mandala Round Beach Towel

This 100% cotton towel is perfect for your yogi friends. It’s round and 72 inches in diameter. Labhanshi created the towel, which may be used as a beach picnic towel or hung on the wall as a decoration.

31. Tibetan Singing Bowl Set

Tibetan meditation singing bowls have been used for centuries to heal and meditate. These bowls supposedly create sounds that help normalize the out-of-tune parts of the body, mind, and soul.

This meditation bowl creates a calming and relaxing sound. It would be the perfect gift for someone who wants to meditate and relax. Each bowl has been hand-selected and inspected to ensure that it is of the best quality.

32. The Om Keychain

The Om symbol is the most important spiritual symbol in Hinduism. It has different meanings, but it is often used before and during religious texts and activities like Yoga. This keychain with an Om symbol will be appreciated by your friends who practice Yoga and meditation.

33. Yoga Stretch Oil Warmer

People who meditate often find that using essential oils can help them get the most out of their practice. This oil warmer is a unique gift that your yoga-loving friends will appreciate. It is made of a clear glass cup and oil basin, and it is carried by three figures in different yoga poses.

34. Yogi Stress Relief Tea

After a yoga class, it is best to drink some tea. Tea will help you rehydrate your body, and it also has many health benefits. Yoga is all about you. You feel peaceful because your body is invigorated. But you need to go back to reality which can be stressful. Transitioning back to reality can be tough on your body, so drinking tea can help refresh you.

35. Yoga Dice

A fun thing to do during yoga practice is to use dice. There are seven different wooden dice, each with a number on it. This represents a different pose for seated, standing, balancing, and twists poses. If you roll them together, you will get a variety of poses that will be good for people at all levels of yoga practice.

36. Boho Scarf

This scarf is perfect for anyone who likes Yoga and meditation. It is made of cotton, which makes it soft. The Om design is painted with vegetable dye, making it lightweight. You can wear this scarf after practice to keep you warm.

37. Chakra Earrings

There are seven chakras in the body. These are key points along the subtle body where prana (energy) moves through. Each of the seven chakras is associated with a different color. This earring is a way of reminding a yogi about the seven chakras and that she needs to reconnect with her energy.

38. Yoga Journal Planner

Every yoga session, a yogi experiences a lot of different emotions. They should write about these emotions in a yoga journal as journaling can be therapeutic and creative. Journaling your experience will also make you better understand your yoga adventure. You can also track your progress. What’s not fun about that? This Yoga Journal Planner is a reliable gift for your yogi.

39. Handmade Cotton Crochet Barefoot Sandals

These tan barefoot sandals are a unique gift that your free-spirited yoga friend would love. These handmade crochet sandals are well-made and look great when your friend is doing Yoga outside or even on the beach. These sandals are cool gift ideas that I bet no one else would think of.

40. CBD Massage Cub

Nothing feels better than a massage after a long day or a hard yoga session. This massage cube is infused with CBD, which will help soothe tired muscles and joints. It is also made with all-natural organic ingredients. Plus, the makers have pledged to plant a tree for every cube sold!

Final Thoughts

Here are some Yoga Gift Ideas to help you pick the perfect present for people who love Yoga. These people probably already have a lot of peace and love in their hearts, but getting a token from you will make them feel special.

There are many types of gifts you can give a yogi. We have only listed 40 of the best gifts. You can be sure that your yogi friend will love any of these gifts. Remember that it is not the value of the gift that matters but how much thought you put into it.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Yoga Gifts

What Are Yoga Dice?

Yoga Dice is a fun game that helps children learn how to do yoga. The game uses simple breath counts, and 36 beginner poses.

What to Gift a Person Who Loves Yoga?

If someone you know loves yoga, there are a few gift ideas that you could consider. Some good options include yoga socks, a yoga wheel, a Himalayan salt lamp, or yoga cookie cutters.

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