The Best Yoga Towel Reviews

Finding the ideal yoga towel might be tricky. Just like choosing the best shoes for yoga, finding the perfect yoga towel might be tough. Yoga towels serve two functions: improving grip and traction on a standard yoga mat and wiping away sweat when practicing yoga in a hot setting.

If you are tired of using a yoga towel that does not absorb enough or moves around on your mat, now is the time to upgrade and find something better!

Almost everyone who does yoga needs a towel in their gym bags. Some people use a regular bath towel or a blanket to make their yoga mat stickier, but that doesn’t usually work. It’s time to get smart and choose a good non-slip yoga towel that will help you do your yoga practice better, give you a better grip, and make you feel more at ease. Along with using a yoga roller, having the best towel is important to help you be more comfortable at the studio.

Not all towels are created equal. The size, absorption level, and price of a yoga mate towel can make a big difference. Keep reading to find the best yoga towel for you.

Reviews of Some of the Best Yoga Towels

Yogitoes Skidless Premium

The Yogitoes Skidless Premium has been one of the most popular non-slip towels for a few years now. If you don’t want to spend too much time researching yoga towels and just want to make a quick, reliable purchase, stop reading now and purchase this one!

This towel is designed to stay in place and soak up a sweat during your yoga routine. It has silicone nubs on the bottom to prevent it from slipping, even if you move around a lot.

The Yogitoes Skidless Premium towel is more expensive than other towels, but it is worth the extra money. This towel is made with high-quality materials and is available in more than two dozen colors, including unique shades like Chakra Print, River Gold, Stained Glass, and Groovy Playa.

Manduka eQua

The Manduka Black Mat Pro is one of the most yoga mats that are popular on the market. Manduka yoga towel is also one of the highest-rated mats. The eQua is a small mat that can easily be taken when traveling.

This product absorbs sweat quickly from your face and hands. It is soft, thick, and specially designed to dry fast and keep odors under control. Its colors have exotic names, including thrive, midnight, magic, thunder, embrace, and verve.

The eQua was originally only available as a hand towel, but Manduka Equa yoga towel now also makes a mat-length version. You can find both on Amazon – just be sure to click your desired size before purchasing.

YogaRat Microfiber Towel

The YogaRat Microfiber Yoga Towel also comes in a mat-length and hand-size version. They are both soft, comfortable, and lightweight. After dozens of washes over the past year, there has been no fraying or wear and tear and no loss of color. 

Aurorae Sports Mat Towel

Aurorae sells popular products. One of their best products is the sports mat towel. The towel comes in two sizes: mat-length (72 x 24 inches) and sport-size (30 x 20 inches). We like the size of the sport because it is bigger than some other hand towels, which means that it has more material to absorb sweat.

Most people who have used this Aurorae product say that it is really good. It absorbs sweat better than a regular cotton towel.
For the mat-length towel, it is necessary to slightly mist or dampens the towel with a spray bottle before using it. This will help you get the most slip resistance from the towel. However, this is true for most towels, so it is not good to not buy this product. If the Aurorae is not the best yoga towel on the market, it is very close to being the best.

Shandali Sticky Fiber Hot Yoga Towel

When we first published this towel buyers guide a few years back, the basic Shandali towel was on the list. But our reviews at that time ranked it near the middle of the pack. However, Shandali has since released a new Sticky Fiber Towel that outperforms most other towels on the market.

This towel has a silicone bottom that helps to keep it from slipping or bunching. The company says that it decreases slipping by 500%. We’re not sure how they arrived at that number, but we know it works well. If you’re looking for an average yoga towel with grip, this is the one for you.

This might be the best hot yoga mat towel because it is specially made for that purpose. But other people can also use this in their hot yoga class because it stays in place so well. It is very affordable and comes in multiple colors, so everyone can find one they like.

Gaiam Thirsty Yoga Hand Towel

Gaiam is one of our favorite brands for nearly all yoga products. The company makes mat-length and hand towels, particularly the Gaiam Thirsty Towel. The towel measures 20 x 30 inches and is absorbent, always a big feature when looking for a great yoga towel to keep you dry during practice. It has corner pockets to keep your mat in place during any pose like the iuga yoga towel.

This yoga towel is very soft. It is one of the most yoga towels for hot yoga. This is because it is designed specifically for Ashtanga, Vinyasa, and hot yoga. The Gaiam Thirsty yoga mat towel is a great value for the price. It comes in eight different colors: gray with yellow and purple with green trim. 

Read our full review of the Gaiam Thirsty yoga mat to learn more.

Youphoria Super Absorbent Towel

This Youphoria towel is one of the best hot yoga towel options on the market because it gets good marks across the board for absorption, price, softness, anti-slip yoga towel, and variety of colors.

The microfiber towel is super absorbent. It can hold a lot of water! The towel is also thick and has a high stitch count, so it doesn’t fray.

The Youphoria towel also comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you can be sure that you’re making a risk-free purchase. This towel is one of the most stylish on the market.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Yoga Towel

What Kind of Towel Is Best for Yoga?

Many towels are made from microfiber material. This is so the towel will grip better when it gets wet. Some people may not like the feel of microfiber. A yoga rug made from cotton can be a good alternative if this is the case. It is not a towel, but it serves the same purpose: to help you grip the floor during a sweaty yoga session.

Is a Yoga Towel the Same as a Yoga Mat?

Many towels are the same size as a typical yoga mat. They have a soft, absorbent material that can substitute for a yoga mat to cover your mat or keep you sweat-free during other workouts.

What Is a Yoga Towel Called?

A yoga towel is designed to fit on top of your yoga mat while you are doing yoga.

What Do You Use a Yoga Towel For?

Yoga towels are a unique invention created specifically for use during yoga. Their main purpose is to prevent you from slipping on the mat by absorbing any sweat. They are most common in Bikram yoga, also known as hot yoga.

Is Yogitoes Worth It?

People say that the Yogitoes Manduka yoga towel is a game-changer for their practice yoga. They like that the silicon dots keep the mat in place and the absorbent material soaks up a sweat yet still dries quickly.

Can I Use a Towel for Yoga?

Yoga can be practiced on an ordinary cotton towel or on nothing at all. Depending on the surface you are practicing on (smooth surfaces are the worst). You might prefer to use the towel rolled up for specific areas of your body that need extra cushioning. That way, you won’t slip around on your towel and have it bunch up.

How Often Should I Wash My Yoga Towel?

Yogitoes recommends that you wash it twice before using it. They also say not to wash it with other colors because they may bleed together. It is important to note that some colors of towels may continue to bleed after being washed six times.

Yoga Towels Good for the Beach?

A yoga towel is designed to help absorb sweat and provide extra grip. They are perfect for practicing on the beach because they are soft and absorbent.

How Do I Stop Slipping on My Yoga Mat?

If you sweat a lot, you might need to use a towel or yoga mat to avoid sliding around. Special towels can help if you sweat a lot or do hot yoga. These towels have grips on the bottom, so they stick to your yoga mat.

Can You Use a Normal Towel for Hot Yoga?

If you’re thinking of using a regular towel for your hot yoga session, think again. The thing is that microfiber towels, made from materials like polyester and nylon, are much more absorbent and better at keeping moisture in than cotton towels.

How Long Do Cork Yoga Mats Last?

Cork yoga mats are reliable and can absorb shocks. This is also one of the most environmentally-friendly solutions available. People say that cork yoga mats can last between 6 to 9 months, making them a viable option for many people.

What Are Yoga Towels Made From?

The Gaiam grippy yoga mat towel is 78% Polyester and 22% Nylon. The towel is hypo-allergenic and has been sized to fit directly on a standard mat at 172cm x 60cm (68″ x 24″).

Do I Need a Mat Towel for Hot Yoga?

You need a towel if you’re doing Bikram hot yoga (or heated vinyasa). A towel will absorb moisture and sweat, making your practice safer. It will also protect your yoga mat from germs and bacteria. Plus, it’s easy to clean.

To learn more information about the benefits of adding yoga towels to your yoga gear collection, click here.

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