The Best Summer Workout Outfits to Keep You Cool and Stylish

The sun is out, so it’s time to show off our beach bods! We’re excited about the sunshine and fun in the sun, but we don’t like how sweaty we get. The oppressive heat can make working out feel terrible – especially if your clothes are trapping all of your sweat.

If you need new workout clothes for summer, read on. You’ll want clothes that will keep you dry and relaxed, even if it’s hot outside.

10 Best Summer Workout Outfits

1. The Paloma Bra

This sports bra is ideal for summer. It boasts a four-way stretch and is breathable and sweat-wicking. Wear it during medium-impact exercises or just out and about. The cropped style comes in several stylish colors, making it a great transitional piece for a cute crop top.

2. Women’s Tree Runners

Do you have sweaty feet? These eco-friendly sneakers will keep your feet cool and our planet happy. The breathable eucalyptus tree fiber has a natural cooling effect. The soft inner merino wool lining is moisture-wicking and odor-reducing. This way, you can hit it hard in the heat without causing a stink.

3. ZJCT Women’s Summer Backless Workout Top

This backless tank top is loose-fitting and lightweight, perfect for hot summer days. Reviewers love the soft and comfortable material- it’s great for a summer jog or yoga on the beach. You can also wear it at home for yoga, even if you don’t have air conditioning! It comes in six different colors.

If you’re looking for a yoga program to do at home, check out Yoga52 on Openfit. It includes 52 easy-to-follow yoga classes suitable for all levels so that you can do them anywhere and on your schedule!

4. Mint Lilac Women’s Printed Summer Shorts

These shorts are lightweight, sweat-wicking, and four-way stretch. They provide maximum coverage while still letting your legs shine in the sun. Plus, they come in many beautiful summer colors and a longer length if you want to be more modest.

5. Edeey Women’s High Waisted Yoga Pants

When the summer heat hits, mesh clothing is a good idea. Mesh lets your skin breathe, and it won’t be too hot. The leggings also have a gusseted crotch so you can move around more easily, an ergonomic seam to make them more comfortable, and flatlock stitching to reduce chafing.

6. Hotty Hot Short

These tiny shorts are perfect for when it’s really hot outside. They are made from a sweat-wicking and lightweight material. They also stretch and are tiny, so you can still move freely even when it’s really hot outside. Plus, they have a built-in liner to keep you covered!

7. Steeplechase Bra

This sports bra is perfect for barre class, yoga, or Pilates. It will keep you from getting a sweaty uni-boob. The keyhole design and moisture-wicking fabric will help keep you dry. It also comes in seasonal colors of sports bras like lilac, rose quartz, and flamingo!

8. ASICS Women’s PR Lyte Running Short Sleeve

This running tee has a quick-dry fabric that will help to keep you dry during the sweaty summer months. It also has mesh inserts for breathability and a reflective logo to improve visibility.

9. VIV Collection Ultra Soft Cropped Capri Leggings

If you can’t be naked, you might as well wear something soft and pretty. These leggings are buttery-smooth, come in astonishing patterns, and fit any shape.

10. All Access’ The Dynamic Tank

This workout tank top is colorful like the bright days of summer. It also includes properties that protect you from odor and bacteria. Could it be best for summer than a colorful tie-dyed tank top?

Other Workout Outfits You Can Try

1. Bike Shorts Activewear Outfit

Combine a pair of high-rise cycling shorts with a creamy sports bra with drawstring detailing to ease into the orange color trend. Mix in a couple of sports eyeglasses. Use it with black sneakers and color-block socks for an unforgettable fitness style that you can wear during outdoor activities or en route to your favorite workout.

2. Leggings Activewear Outfit

Put your black leggings on hold and go for this pretty-in-pink gingham pair instead. You’ll look summery and sweet with a coordinating sports bra and woven sneakers. A yellow water bottle and a glow-enhancing SPF can enhance your bright demeanor while hydrating and protecting your skin.

3 . Hiking Activewear Outfit

Whether you love the mountains or only go hiking once a summer, the warmer months are a great time to hit the trail. Made-for-the-outdoors pieces like those from Free People are very useful. Off With a moisture-wicking sports bra, lightweight wool socks, and a bold pair of Gore-Tex boots, the Grid Shorts are the perfect focal point. Last, don’t forget a hat to keep the sun off your face.

4. Romper Activewear Outfit

Workout rompers are a bold choice. But suppose there was a style to encourage you to try the trend this summer. In that case, this modern floral print design is it. It’s made of knitting, so it’s breathable and cools you down. This pilates-friendly summer attire is adorable. Yoga or sculpting, mainly with wrist weights, increases the burn. It doesn’t get better if you like to keep your jewelry on for workouts than OXB’s made-to-sweat-in line.

5. Seamless Activewear Outfit

The best thing about seamless workout clothes? They are very comfortable, with no seams that dig in. For a low-impact workout like yoga or pilates, we love pairing knitted shorts with a matching sports bra and boxy t-shirt. You can’t beat Theragun’s mini massager for recovery on the go.

6. Jumpsuit Activewear Outfit

The jumpsuit is an alternative to the all-in-one workout outfit. The eco-stretch style from Reformation is as soft as clouds, and that’s not an exaggeration. Change into slides and a light jacket for workouts that don’t require sneakers.

7. Bodysuit Activewear Outfit

There’s nothing better than a bodysuit for the ’80s and ’90s jazzercise vibes, especially when worn with neon shorts and bright, supportive sneakers. A gallon water bottle with a quote will help you stay hydrated.

8. Matching Set Activewear Outfit

With white shoes and a warm-up layer the color of lemons, this matching workout set is a total mood-booster and a great example of the joy of summer workout clothes. Rather than wearing biker shorts, you could wear leggings instead.

9. White and Gingham Activewear Outfit

Summer is a great time to wear white leggings to the gym, and these thick, eight-way stretch ones with a double-layer waistband won’t let you down by being see-through. It adds to the feeling of lightness and brightness with a lime green gingham bralette and a tank that goes with it.

10. Floral Print Activewear Outfit

Floral print workout clothes are everywhere. These two-tone leggings from Bandier’s collaboration with Sincerely Jules are a cute way to join the trend. You can make an outfit that feels as much like summer as possible by wearing a white tank and a soft hoodie.

11. Tennis Activewear Outfit

Take a cue from how stylish Naomi Osaka and Serena Williams are. And when it’s hot, step up your tennis style with a colorful skort, a ribbed tank, and a sweater that matches. We’re pretty sure the confident result will intensify your backhand, serve, and drop shot.

12. Shorts Activewear Outfit

Swishy shorts are a must-have for working out, and a pair with color blocks feels fresh for the summer. Try on a bra with cutouts of flowers on the back for a more cohesive look, and then cap off your outfit with some neon sneakers.

13. Black and White Activewear Outfit

Wear houndstooth leggings with fun prints and a one-shoulder crop top to give black and white a summer feel. Summersalt’s sage zip-up adds a pop of color and is fun and easy to wear. It’s also made from recycled materials.

14. Long-Sleeve Activewear Outfit

This pastel summer activewear outfit shows that you don’t have to be naked even when it’s hot. The cropped top is made of a seamless knit fabric that is breathable. At the same time, the leggings use a microporous material that’s cooling and moisture-wicking.

15. Fashion-Forward Activewear Outfit

The best activewear outfit for summer is built around a onesie, and there’s nothing wrong with being a trend-lover. This dress is great for a low-impact studio workout or to make a statement while running errands when worn with an earbud chain, puffy slides, and a lightweight nylon jacket.

Click here for more information on the do’s and don’ts of gym workout outfits.

Frequently Asked Questions About Summer Workout Outfits

Which Fabric Is Best for Summer Workout?

Polyester is a popular material for fitness clothing. It is firm and does not wrinkle easily. It also helps to keep you dry when you are sweating.

What Is the Best Outfit for Exercise?

When selling your home, it is essential to dress comfortably. However, you should avoid loose pants when running or biking, as they can get caught in the pedals or your feet. Suppose you are doing activities such as yoga or Pilates. In that case, it is a good idea to wear stretchy and fitted fabrics that wick away sweat.

How Many Workout Outfits Should I Have?

If you exercise three times a week, you will require three different outfits. If you exercise six times a week, you will need six different outfits.

What Are Signs of Overtraining?

Signs that you might be overtraining can include feeling tired, being more stressed and angry, having difficulty relaxing, sleeping poorly, and losing motivation. You might also find that you’re no longer enjoying activities you used to enjoy.

What Is the Best Clothing for Exercising in Cold Weather Includes?

You should wear a tight-fitting and wicking material to keep you warm and dry. Polypropylene, silk, polyester, Thermax, Thinsulate, and wool are excellent choices. Avoid cotton because it traps moisture and makes you wet and cold.

Is Cotton Bad for Working Out?

People often choose 100% cotton clothing because it is comfortable, easy to wear, wash, and inexpensive. However, this type of clothing is not ideal for exercising.

What Are Gym Leggings Made of?

The best fabric for gym leggings is usually polyester and Lycra. This type of fabric is stretchy and flexible, perfect for working out. If you don’t want to use polyester or Lycra, make sure the alternative fabric has at least 5% Lycra content. Hence, you have flexibility and recovery when wearing them.

Is It Better to Workout in Cotton or Polyester?

Polyester is a durable fabric that you can recycle. It also does not absorb body odor as much as cotton does, so it is a good choice for clothes you will be working out in.

How Should You Cool Down After a Weight Training Session?

After an exercise, cool down to help your body recover faster and feel less painful. To relieve stress:

  1. Do easy exercises for 5-10 minutes.
  2. Try activities like walking or yoga.
  3. Finish with some static stretches.

Stretches work best when your body is warm.

Why Should We Wear Tight Clothes While Working Out?

Compressing clothing can help you perform better in the gym if you have a full range of motion. Compression clothing can increase blood and lymphatic flow, which means your muscles will get more oxygen.

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