Want to Teach Yoga? Here's How You Find Your First Job

Do you want to teach yoga? Does the idea of teaching a group of people in an unfamiliar environment make your palms sweaty and your heart race? It’s normal. Yoga teaching jobs can be scary, but they don’t have to be! In this blog post, we will talk about finding jobs as a yoga teacher and what it takes to be successful in these jobs.

You are excited to share your knowledge about yoga with the world. With more and more people becoming yoga instructors, it may be hard to find your first job teaching. But don’t give up! We are here to help you find work.

Here are seven tips to help you navigate the scene and secure your first job successfully!

Think Outside the Studio

Being able to teach yoga in a real yoga studio is a dream for many of us. We have the space, mats and props, lighting, and a sound system. Many times, studios that are well-established already have teachers there. It is difficult for new teachers to get in, especially if they don’t have much teaching experience.

But do not stop there.

Time to find your special talent and do something different. Many people are doing yoga now! It is offered at gyms, community centers, and schools. You can also teach it at bachelorette parties and weddings. Yoga is getting more popular all over the world. Yoga studios are having a hard time because people are opening their own studios. But you should still try to find some yoga studios. You won’t know when there will be an opening in one of them.

Take It All You Can Get. But Know What Your Worth Is!

After all the time and money you have put into it, it is hard to imagine that you will not get paid for your newfound craft.

But your worth is not shown by how much money you have.

What you offer is valuable and special. When you are true to this standard, other people will see this and respect you. Your students will be happy if you work hard for them, and they will appreciate it. When they come to school every day, you will know that your work is valuable.

So first, take what you can get. Some opportunities may be given to you for free or traded for something else instead of money. Take it. Accept any opportunity that comes your way, as long as it still aligns with your goals. Eventually, the exchange will turn into money, and your income will increase.

Make Your Ambitions Known!

If you do not ask, then people will not know that you want something. And if no one knows that you want something, then they won’t give it to you. So ask for what you want while using social media, and maybe someone can help you.

You can use your personal network to find jobs. Ask the person you know if they know of any jobs. That person might not know anything right now, but they might hear about something later.

You Can Use Online Resources

The internet has been a major part of our world ever since its early stages. Use it to your advantage.

Ask a question on social media. Then look at online resources, such as YogaTrade and Craigslist. On these sites, you can search for teaching jobs in your area. You can also create a profile so that people know who you are.

Do Not Forget About Your Personal Practice

It can be easy to stop practicing yoga as you want to teach or share your gifts. But that would be a mistake. If you always practice, then you will get better as a teacher.

As Rod Stryker says, it is important to be a good student when you are a yoga teacher. You will have to do more training and workshops, but you need money for this. Attend a lot of different yoga classes, such as Yoga Alliance courses. It is the best way to learn about teaching.

We can learn from each other when we are on the mat and off it. When you stay open to new information, you encourage a feedback loop of giving and receiving information. This never-ending feedback loop will help with your development as an instructor.

Stay Sharp by Practice Teaching

In order to practice teaching, you can go outdoors.

When you first start teaching, practice teaching. You might not get a job right away, so you’ll need to keep practicing your skills. Consult your friend and family if they want you to teach them something new. When you’re in the shower or driving, make sure to say your class out loud. You now have some new friends from training. Meet with them to practice teaching each other.

You can be a teacher even if you haven’t practiced before. You just need to make it a priority. Interestingly, you can also learn how to become a hatha yoga teacher


It is hard to bump into Rachel Brathen. But you never know if you do! If you get the chance to meet someone in the yoga industry that you look up to, don’t hesitate and make a connection with them!

Networking with people in any field is really important. Social media is a good way to work with people who are far away, but you should not forget about person-to-person meetings. Take classes at all the studios you are interested in teaching for. Meet the instructors and owners of these studios. Send them a note with social media or email, and make it a priority to talk to them outside of class. Follow-up is important, so make sure you remember to do this with each person.

You can visit this site if you want to learn more about how to become a yoga teacher. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Becoming a Yoga Instructor

What is the salary of a yoga instructor?

People who teach yoga usually get paid $47 an hour. Some people also get paid $15 an hour for teaching at home. Remember, some yoga instructors get a salary of $20,724 a year.

How to have a yoga teaching job?

The ideal way to find a job as a yoga teacher is to become a member of the studio you want to teach at. Then you can go through their teacher training program. You can also look for jobs on popular boards and, if possible, move to cities with high demand for yoga teachers.

Can you earn money as a yoga teacher?

The income of yoga teachers ranges a lot. Some people earn less than $30,000 per year. But most earn more than that. If you want to earn the most, then you should earn money outside of your studio.

Is a yoga teacher a good career?

Yoga is when people can learn to have peace in their minds and bodies. Yoga teachers teach postures and breathing techniques. People who take yoga as a profession can get a lot of money from teaching these things.

How many hours does a yoga trainer work each week?

Most yoga studios are small. 67% of yoga teachers work less than 10 hours a week. 37% work less than 5 hours a week.

How much does a yoga instructor earn a month?

People are earning different salaries. Some are high, and some are low. The middle of the range is around $2,583-$5,208 each month in the US.

Is it hard to get a job teaching yoga?

It can be hard to get a job as a new teacher. You might not have much experience, and it is hard to find a job. But do not give up and keep looking for jobs. When you find one, think about what kind of class you want to teach or how it will be different from other classes. Yoga is becoming more popular now!

How can I get a job at a yoga retreat?

How can you teach yoga at a retreat? It might not be perfect. No resort will have everything you want. But think about it, create your own teaching position. Be open to opportunity, and the universe will provide for you too! Try it first with your own students on an annual retreat.

What is a person who teaches yoga called?

The word yogi is derived from the word yogin. Yogin refers to someone who practices yoga. The word yogi is usually for males, but females are called yoginis.

How do yoga influencers make money?

You can make money from teaching yoga by doing it all online. Create an app to teach people. Break up a video into different parts and show a new video every week. You can also use your own products to create a “tribe.”

How can yoga make you rich?

You need to know what your worth is. Know what you want and specialize in that area. Get online and teach yoga classes for college students or corporate events. Create content for yoga publications when you are not teaching classes. Start a podcast when teaching yoga or offer private one-on-one sessions when not creating content for publications.

How many months will it take to be a yoga instructor?

These days, the average training program will last three to five months. Some courses are designed for newbies and others for people who already know some things about yoga.

Is there any future in yoga?

People in India and other countries are interested in the benefits of yoga. After you take a course, you can work in a variety of places, such as health clubs, yoga and pilates studios, special needs centers, private gyms, or even individual clients’ homes.

How do I quit my job and become a full-time yoga instructor?

Here are some of the things you can do if you want to quit your job and become a full-time yoga teacher. Take the classes that are offered to you. Listen to feedback from others. Get out there, both as a teacher and student. Make sure you have support or plan for something else to do if this doesn’t work out.

How to become a full-time yoga teacher?

To become a full-time yoga teacher, you should start by choosing the right yoga instructor training. Make sure that you don’t leave your day job yet. You can develop your own style of teaching. You will also want to work on your business skills and be open to all kinds of opportunities related to yoga. And don’t forget that being humble is also important.

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